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Table Registration FAQ's

How do I reserve a table?
Follow this link: Table Registration
You can pay online or make a check out to McKenzie County JDA

What should I have at my table?
That is up to you, but signs that identify who you are—a nice option that are easy to setup and look sharp are pull-up banners. Any handouts that tell about your services, how to join, where you are located, how much it costs, anything that give a reason for folks to come visit your table and ultimately your final location. Also bring a table cloth that fits an eight-foot long table. Door prizes are welcome.

Do we have to have someone at our table the whole time from 5-7pm?
It isn’t required, but a smiling face makes your table all the more welcoming and available for questions.

Can candidates for political office reserve a table?
Yes. They can reserve a table as a non-profit.

Can I sell things at my table?
No. You are welcome to hand out samples, coupons, brochures, giveaways, etc. but no direct selling of anything.

Why are you having this on the same night as a home football game?
The varsity game starts at 7pm at Fridley Field right next door to the Rough Rider Center. We are hoping that by having this event from 5-7pm we will catch some of the traffic that is planning to attend the game, and we are hoping that some may decide to attend the game right at the completion of the Welcome to Watford Celebration.

When is setup?
Setup can happen anytime between 2pm-4:45pm. We ask that all the tables be setup and ready by 4:55, as the doors to the public will open right at 5pm.

When is takedown?
Take down is between 7-8pm. Please be sure to keep it up until 7pm as there may be folks that come towards the end, and we want them to be able to stop by each of the tables.

Do I need to bring the ticket printed out that I got from when we reserved our table?
No, you just need to identify which table you are with and we will show you where to set up.

Does my business/organization have to be located in Watford City?
No, most definitely not. If you provide services within McKenzie County you are most welcome to participate.

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